Case Studies

Learn about the projects we have accelerated with our clients. Contact sales: and tell us what help you need.

Case study - SOLARIS

We have found specialists for the company's new research and development department. We have recruited for various positions related to hydrogen and electric propulsion systems.

Case study - ElectroMobility Poland

Thanks to our excellent cooperation with the client and our experience, we provided the company with four qualified employees who met their expectations and continue to be an integral part of the ElectroMobility Poland team.

Case study - SMC

Thanks to our efficiency and the client's quick response, it took less than three weeks from the client providing the profile of the candidates to the signing of the contract with the employees.

Case study - NITREX

In a short time, we found 3 candidates for the necessary positions, which resulted in another 2 joint projects in the following year, completed successfully.

Case study - Hager

We delivered a candidate with a very difficult profile who met the client's expectations.

Case study - Westerberg

We found the right candidate in a very short time. It took only two weeks from the candidate's profile to the signing of the contract, which is an impressive result in this type of recruitment.