Case study - ElectroMobility Poland


Thanks to our excellent cooperation with the client and our experience, we provided the company with four qualified employees who met their expectations and continue to be an integral part of the ElectroMobility Poland team.

About ElectroMobility Poland

ElectroMobility Poland is working on the development of the Polish electric car brand Izera.

Client’s expectations and goals

Electromobility’s start-up was looking for key professionals: two category managers in indirect purchasing, a senior supplier quality engineer and a packaging leader. In the context of recruiting indirect purchasing category managers, the priority was to find an expert specialising in the technical purchasing category – engineering, but not strictly manufacturing. Experience in establishing partnerships with IT, engineering and R&D suppliers was key. Although such specialists exist in larger companies, their responsibilities often extend to other purchasing categories.

The growth of the company was linked to the prospect of candidates having a real impact on the running of projects, which was an additional advantage of the offer. In addition to the required qualifications and hard skills, it was crucial for the client to match the candidates’ personalities with the organisational culture. The aim was to build a team that shared common values and was willing to work together from the outset.

Our approach

From the start, our cooperation with Electromobility has been extremely smooth. It’s a completely different dynamic working with a client that is genuinely looking for specific professionals and actively responding to market signals.

Thanks to regular meetings and recruitment progress reports, we were able to find ideal candidates who met all the client’s expectations and successfully joined ElectroMobility Poland. The company showed great flexibility, opening the door to remote working and other forms of cooperation. As a result, the recruitment process was met with positive feedback from candidates who expressed their willingness to work for ElectroMobility Poland.

The employees we managed to recruit for ElectroMobility Poland are still active members of the team, continuing their work to this day. Additionally, we maintain fruitful cooperation with ElectroMobility Poland, working on further interesting projects.