Industry 4.0

We have recruited employees for every area of industrial companies: from management, maintenance, automation, testing, robotics, sales, purchasing, supply, administration, and design. We have worked with dozens of companies involved in a wide variety of industries. For some of them, we do most of the technical recruiting.

They trusted us

Areas and positions in which we have experience

We will respond to your real needs by supplying you with skilled workers, delegating our contractors to work on your project, or conducting research at our in-house R&D center.


Example positions

  • Automation Engineer
  • Senior sales engineer
  • Technical and sales advisor
  • Implementation engineer
  • Sales engineer
  • Health and safety specialist
  • PLC programmer
  • Service engineer
  • Control systems designer
  • CAD technician
  • Application engineer
  • Test engineer
  • ePlan designer
  • Welding process engineer
  • Designer
  • Technical support engineer
  • Roboticist
  • Lead designer
  • Electrical designer
  • Administration and purchasing specialist

Case studies

    Case study – Westerberg

    We found the right candidate in a very short time. It took only two weeks from the candidate’s profile to the signing of the contract, which is an impressive result in this type of recruitment.

    Case study – SMC

    Thanks to our efficiency and the client’s quick response, it took less than three weeks from the client providing the profile of the candidates to the signing of the contract with the employees.

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