• Automotive

    We work with companies offering a full range of automotive products and systems: cars, buses, auto parts, equipment, prototyping, system design, steering systems, fluid systems. We supply customers with employees for the areas of R&D, maintenance, product development, purchasing, sales.

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  • Aerospace

    We work with aviation industry leaders and their suppliers. We provide companies with recruiting and contracting support. We also offer clients the services of a design office, specialized in developing design standards for aviation and experienced in working with distributed teams.

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  • E-mobility 

    The engineers we hire and those recruited for our clients are creating the future of the e-mobility industry. We help companies build R&D centers in Poland, hire specialists in the development of electric vehicles (from motorcycles to buses and trucks) and charging stations.

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  • Energy

    We help the green transformation by supplying specialists to the electrical industry. We work with companies building power plants, designing and installing renewable energy sources, heat treatment, power systems, power system design, plant manufacturing.

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  • IT

    In modern companies, the fields of engineering and IT are strongly intertwined. We have experience in finding specialists in both fields and have a broader view of the candidate market than companies that specialize exclusively in IT recruitment.

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  • Industry 4.0

    We have recruited employees for every area of industrial companies: from management, maintenance, automation, testing, robotics, sales, purchasing, supply, administration, and design. We have worked with dozens of companies involved in a wide variety of industries. For some of them, we do most of the technical recruiting.

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  • FMCG

    We work with global and local manufacturers of food, cosmetics and drugs and dietary supplements. We supply them with highly qualified specialists and engineers for areas such as management, quality, automation, maintenance, electrical, design.

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  • AGD

    We support Polish branches of global brands in recruiting specialists in maintenance, automation, quality, design, delivery and programming.

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