Case study - SMC


Thanks to our efficiency and the client's quick response, it took less than three weeks from the client providing the profile of the candidates to the signing of the contract with the employees.

About SMC

The SMC Group entered the pneumatics market in 1959 and has since supplied 12,000 basic models with more than 700,000 varieties of automatic control equipment.

Client’s expectations and goals

Due to the expansion of its branches in Poland, SMC was on the lookout for two sales engineers whose profile not only included sales experience, but also required a willingness to travel frequently due to the large area of sales activities per employee.

A key element in the selection of candidates was also to match their personalities to the company culture. In addition to technical experience, soft skills were of great importance. The company wanted candidates who not only had strong technical skills, but also demonstrated excellent interpersonal skills and were able to integrate effectively into the team. The balance between technical aspects and soft competences was crucial in the search for suitable candidates.

Our approach

In 2022, the company approached us after an unsuccessful collaboration with another recruitment agency that could not find suitable candidates for 1.5 months. Our challenge was to search for candidates in a market that had already been searched by another company. Thanks to a large database of engineers and our direct search technique, we were able to find not only people with the right education and experience, but also with the necessary soft skills and personality traits that fit the client’s organisational structure. The key to success was the candidates’ highly rated experience during the recruitment process (candidate experience), as well as the client’s quick action and checking of the qualifications of the candidates we presented. In 2023, the company decided to trust us again and this time, too, our efforts paid off, as we were able to find the right person who is still working with SMC today.