Case study - Westerberg


We found the right candidate in a very short time. It took only two weeks from the candidate's profile to the signing of the contract, which is an impressive result in this type of recruitment.

About Westerberg

The company is a leading manufacturer of power supplies for industrial equipment. It offers OEM solutions that are developed to meet the needs of various industries.

Client’s expectations and goals

Our client was looking for an implementation engineer to join their team. Previous recruitment attempts had failed to find suitable candidates, prompting the company to make an enquiry to our team. In the context of the battery business, a solidly qualified individual with experience in effectively implementing battery pack designs into production processes was sought. An important factor for our client was that the candidate had a solid background in electronics and an in-depth knowledge of lithium-ion battery technology.

Our approach

Thanks to the dedication of our recruitment team, we were able to locate suitable candidates in just two weeks and refer them to the client. Working effectively with our client and acting quickly resulted in Westerberg signing a contract with one of the candidates, just two weeks after we presented their profile. Our joint work and drive to find the perfect candidate for the position enabled us to finalise the recruitment in record time, and build a solid business relationship with our client, paving the way for a long-term partnership.