Case study - Hager


We delivered a candidate with a very difficult profile who met the client's expectations.

About Hager

European manufacturer of energy distribution solutions, building automation, wiring accessories and cable management systems used in both residential and commercial applications.

Client’s expectations and goals

Our client asked us to support them in their search for a specialist for an IT Release position. This position is characterised by its unique difficulty due to the need to combine engineering skills with cyber security expertise. In addition, fluency in English of at least B2+ or C1 was required, which was an additional filtering element for the available candidates. Candidates were expected to have experience in both engineering and IT areas.

Our approach

We started our search by directly looking for potential candidates, as the response to the advertisements was insufficient. The applications included candidates with experience in the automation area, but lacked competence in the IT area (no work with solutions such as protocols, no experience in cyber security or backup).

Our goal was to find someone with experience in both the IT and engineering areas. An additional challenge was to be based in Silesia, specifically in Tychy, which required the candidate to be of local origin or ready to relocate.

We are pleased to report that we were able to locate a suitable candidate who was accepted by the client and signed a contract with them.