Case study - NITREX


In a short time, we found 3 candidates for the necessary positions, which resulted in another 2 joint projects in the following year, completed successfully.

About Nitrex

A leading global provider of fully integrated heat treatment solutions and technologies. Their portfolio is built on proven technology that allows for increased material strength and optimized performance.

Client’s expectations and goals

The client, operating in a high-temperature industry, was looking for two service engineers and three specialists for various positions. The first profile involved experience of operating equipment in a high temperature environment. The second was a production purchasing specialist, requiring financial skills, working with ERP programmes and fluent project management. The third was a financial reporting specialist with international experience, proficiency in Excel and communication skills.

Using a variety of tools, including an external search and an internal database, we were able to locate ideal candidates for the positions listed. Following the successful recruitment, the client decided to take on another recruitment assignment the following year, which demonstrates the satisfaction with our cooperation to date.

Our approach

From the outset, our activities were strictly based on the client’s guidelines and expectations, which greatly facilitated our recruitment process. As these specific positions were less demanding, we were able to achieve a significant impact by using various recruitment channels. Advertisements, our internal talent database and the LinkedIn platform all played a large part in sourcing candidates. The person who was ultimately hired was sourced through an ad placed on the ecruiting portal.

Our effective collaboration with the client played a key role in maintaining the dynamics of the recruitment processes. We constantly ensured that the flow of activities was maintained, which allowed us to effectively conduct the candidate selection process. Additionally, our client provided reliable and constructive feedback on the candidates presented, which was extremely valuable for our further recruitment activities.