Case study - IAV


We opened the company's first 2 R&D centres in Poland.

About IAV

IAV is a leading engineering partner specialising in the development of mobile solutions.

Client’s expectations and goals

The declining number of qualified engineers in Germany has encouraged IAV’s management to look for talented employees in close proximity, just across the border, in Poland, where the engineering market is growing steadily. IAV’s aim is to open its first R&D centres in our country, to introduce employees to the company’s work system and standards, and to transfer some projects to the Polish branch. To make this possible, it was necessary to find employees, transfer technology and provide full technical and organisational support. Bergman Engineering is responsible for all these aspects.

IAV podejście

Our approach

This greenfield investment required and still requires a comprehensive, holistic approach. We are responsible for every aspect related to the opening and operation of the Polish branch: from legal advice and finding suppliers of key services, to renting and equipping offices, to recruiting staff.

Each month we recruit a dozen or so employees specialising in a variety of areas (testing, application development, design, simulation, diagnostics, calibration) and products (software, hardware, ADAS, HMI, HV batteries, infotainment, propulsion, chassis).

Our responsibility is also to handle the employees hired for IAV, in particular we are responsible for employee issues such as contracts, payments, occupational health examinations, handling of benefits, time records, accounting for business travel, holidays, absences, tax statements. We also provide ongoing support to employees through in-person and online meetings with Bergman representatives (supervisor, employee, HR specialist, etc.).


Klient - IAV

From day one, Bergman Engineering has provided us with exceptional ongoing support. We treat them not only as our key supplier, but rather as an important business partner in Poland. Their team’s responsiveness and proactive attitude when solving problems have been key to achieving our goals in Poland. We rely on Bergman’s extensive knowledge of the Polish technology market and experience in the automotive industry. We particularly appreciate their professional, yet very kind and cordial approach to our needs. We wholeheartedly endorse Bergman as a highly trusted partner that truly cares about the success of its customers.

Ralf Minow Managing Director IAV Poland Sp. z o.o.
Łukasz Software Developer

Working with Bergman Engineering is always of a very high standard. All necessary information is provided concretely and efficiently. On a day-to-day basis, one can appreciate the extremely professional yet cordial approach to the employee.

Agnieszka Tester

Bergman Engineering is a company with a professional approach to the recruitment process and the ongoing care of the employee. A big plus for the friendly atmosphere of cooperation.