Case study - Averna


We recruited a candidate with a challenging professional profile.

About Averna

Averna is an international company that offers specialized expertise and tests, vision inspection, precision assembly, and automated solutions.

Client’s expectations and goals

Averna specializes in designing and testing precise vision equipment. They looked for 2 LabView Developers to join their Polish team: one in Wrocław and in Kraków.

Our approach

The profile of a candidate was specific and difficult. Our research showed that there are no candidates who meet all the requirements indicated by the company, but there are several people who have experience with LabView and some of the required skills, however, tasks related to this particular software weren’t their main duties. We conducted in-depth interviews with candidates in order to get to know their competences and experience and find the best match to the Client’s needs.

Fortunately, the hiring manager from Averna was ready to make concessions. We provided candidates who met the requirements and were ready to work offside in Wrocław and Kraków, two of them were finally hired.