Case study - Averna


We’ve helped the Client’s Polish division improve its processes by recruiting 2 Project Managers specializing in the machinery industry and dispersed teams.

About Averna

Averna is an international company that offers specialized expertise and tests, vision inspection, precision assembly, and automated solutions.

Client’s expectations and goals

Averna’s management decided to decentralize some processes in the company, and they were looking for Project Managers who would be in charge of tasks in 2 Polish offices. All the projects in Averna are conducted internationally, so Project Managers had to work with teams from all over the world and also be present in the offices in Wrocław and Kraków.

Project Managers had to be experienced in the machinery industry, know the standards related to it, work previously with dispersed teams, and have high language skills.

Our approach

Both candidates, who were finally hired, were recruited by us for other projects in the past. The key to success in this recruitment process was our candidate base, which contains several dozen thousand CVs of engineers and specialists, and the recruiter’s ability to extract valuable data from it. Having these CVs, we were able to interview qualified candidates, ask them about their current work situation, and find one in Wrocław, and one ready to relocate to Kraków.