About Us

Group Bergman Engineering


Bergman Engineering is an engineering and recruitment company that specialises in the recruitment of engineers and IT professionals. As the only company in Poland, we recruit engineers in co-operation on the basis of contracts on such a large scale. Bergman Engineering is a technological development and recruitment company operating in Europe.

We are a supplier of top-class employees and individual solutions for the engineering and IT sector, which are the driving force for technology and innovation. Bergman Engineering develops its skills mainly in the automotive, aerospace and energy sector.

Recognising the potential, shaping the growth. Awareness of our own actions. Awareness of our strengths and proper use thereof, as well as operation on the basis of a clear strategy. A recently won achievement, no matter how perfect it would appear, is only a starting point for an even better solution. This is the motto that guides every person working in Bergman Engineering – it shapes the culture of our company and determines the processes in the companies of our Clients. The quality of our services is an important prerequisite for success.