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Support for the implementation of R&D centres

Bergman Engineering designs and implements the entire process of building R&D design offices for all international technology markets.

What does the process look like?
The construction of an R&D centre begins with a thorough analysis of the needs of our Client and identification of a detailed specification. On the basis of the collected information, we prepare an office design covering both the selection of specialised personnel and provision of technical support, i.e. IT equipment, laboratory equipment and office equipment.
Technical supervision over the centre construction is provided by a project manager (supervisor), who is a seconded employee of the Client.
The co-operation also covers:

  • implementation of technical projects,
  • recruitment of engineering & IT specialists in Poland and Germany,
  • contracting of highly qualified personnel.

The benefits of building an R&D centre include for instance:

  • access to a wide range of technical staff in the implementation of foreign contracts,
  • opportunity for flexible project management through support from contract staff in times of scarcity of own human resources,
  • savings in time and financial resources associated with the recruitment and selection of personnel,
  • opportunity for hiring a Bergman expert in your own structure after project completion,
  • contract settlement for a service or project.