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Reducing absenteeism

Management of absenteeism is a service involving everyday analysis of information about staff absences due to sick leaves and other reasons. Depending on the arrangements, the result of data analysis is developed in a statement on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. The presented report is broken down into a sick-days, sick-persons and sick-hours.
The statement includes departments, cost centres, place of residence, physicians issuing sick leaves and other criteria according to individual arrangements.
Our service gives employers accurate and reliable data upon which analyses of production plans, plans of burden on labour, production workload, bottlenecks, etc. are successfully prepared, while making it possible to efficiently manage the company.
These activities represent a prelude to sickness absenteeism reduction programme. The quantity of sick absences depends on the flu and colds’ season.
The service is aimed at reducing sickness absence through a number of measures taken for the Customer.
Reducing absenteeism by 1-2% means savings ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of zlotys a year, improves the financial condition of the company and enables effective planning in the area of human resources.
Furthermore, on the basis of our studies, analyses and historical data, we are able to forecast employee absences, which makes it possible for you to keep production processes at an optimum level.

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