For business

Contracting of engineers and specialists

With human resources including the people who independently implement technical projects, we are able to share our employees and collaborators in emergency situations to provide support for the operations directly at the customer’s.
The team of project and interim managers specialising e.g. in business management and process managers is able to diagnose bottlenecks, to implement a recovery plan and enforce its observance on the basis of their competence.
Our employees and collaborators work on a commonly used vector graphics programmes (two- and three-dimensional ones). Our team also consists of engineers with specialisations associated with the start-up of new production lines. We also supply specialised staff to quality and development departments (R&D). This applies both to the final product and the individual stages of development and production.
If it is necessary to provide external support, we provide staff with appropriate formal and professional qualifications for any period. The availability period of our team or individual experts is directly dependent on the needs of customers.
The added value for Business Partners involves no need to sign contracts with the experts provided by us. As a specialised company, we deliver knowledge and skills, and at the same time we are the employer of the persons who support the processes of our Clients.
Additionally, our Counterparties have the right and opportunity to test the professional skills by directly meeting each of our employees before commencing the order execution.