Case study - Electro Croon


We’ve recruited a candidate with a very difficult profile.

About Electro Croon Polska

Electro croon Polska is a provider of engineering services in the building&construction, industry, infrastructure, and maritime markets.

Client’s expectations and goals

The company needed an electrical designer from a very narrow area: secondary circuits of HV substations for their new project. They required candidates to have electrical knowledge and experience in designing high-voltage substations. The requirements were fixed and non-negotiable, however, the Client was aware of market conditions, and they were open to 100% remote work.

Our approach

The client’s expectations regarding the candidate’s experience limited the number of potential employees to several dozen people. We knew that we had to find and deliver a candidate from a competitor company. Thanks to the Client’s decision about remote work, we could look for candidates from the whole country. This allowed us to find a candidate who succeeded in the recruitment process and got the job.