Case study - Eisberg


We’ve recruited a candidate with a very difficult profile.

About Eisberg

Eisberg is a Swiss B2B company from the food industry. They specialize in the production of fresh convenience salads, vegetables, and fruits.

Client’s expectations and goals

Eisberg searched for a Quality Manager who has proven experience in cooperation with one specific client: a leading global foodservice retailer. They also wanted this person to work onsite, in their plant in Legnica. In the beginning, they planned this position to be a replacement for an International Quality Manager, so apart from the requirements related to professional experience and the necessity to work in Legnica, they also needed a candidate with proper language skills and someone ready to go on business trips. Eventually, the company’s plans changed, and they looked for a Quality Manager responsible only for the Polish market, however, requirements remained almost as high as at the beginning.


Our approach

The requirement to cooperate with a specific company (which collaborates with only 12 vendors) and other expectations in regard to the candidate’s professional experience significantly narrowed the number of potential employees. During the research, we found out that almost all the candidates, that matched the Client’s expectations, lived at least 400 kilometers from Legnica and they had to relocate to take this job, so interviews with them were challenging even at the first stages of the recruitment process.

When we found a candidate who met all the requirements and was ready to relocate, the Client started negotiating the terms of the agreement. Negotiations lasted a few months. During that time, we were constantly in touch with the candidate and the company, ready to mediate and support both sides.

There were 2 keys to success in this recruitment process. The first was perseverance: in researching on our side and in waiting for a perfect candidate on Eisberg’s side. The second was constant care about the candidate and the Client during contract negotiations.